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New Pound Puppies Page

Please visit our new and
improved Pound Puppies Page.
This page will show animals
available for adoption at the
Walker County Animal Shelter.
The page will be automatically
updated as animals arrive or are
adopted so visit often. Pet Shelter Directory contains over 1000 links to animal shelter websites organized by state. The directory is  well-maintained and is regularly checked for broken links.
As organizations across the country and around
the world struggle to control an already
staggering overpopulation of unwanted pets
puppy mills still thrive. This video, provided by
HSUS, shows the appalling conditions these
animals are forced to live in. Please research
any breeders or pet providers you intend to do
business with.
Have a Happy and Safe Summer!

Wally's Friend's Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic transported 461 animals from
Walker County in 2012.  A total of
1504 animals from Walker County had procedures at Wally's Friends
in 2012.  
Way to go Walker County!!  

The number of unwanted puppies and kittens who will now not be born is astounding.  If each of these
animals had produced one litter of 4 pups/kittens,  then up to
6016 dogs/cats would need good homes,
end up in our animal shelter, or abandoned to fend for themselves.

There is still work to be done.  If you have an unaltered dog or cat, please be responsible and get them
spayed/neutered.  Do your part to eliminate unwanted animals in our county.  

Wally's Friends has monthly transports in Walker and surrounding counties.
Click this link for transport times and to schedule your pet

Wally's Friends Transport Schedule and Contact Information